One of my most dramatic early clients was a middle aged woman who was born in Vietnam and suffered untold abuse and traumatic childhood events during the war that created many Trapped Emotions. I had done several hypnosis sessions with her, but she kept saying she had this "darkness" in her chest.

I had tried several hypnosis approaches to removing this darkness when I asked her if she would allow me to do an Emotion Code session with her. She agreed and about three weeks after she called and thanked me. The dark feeling was finally gone after many, many years. She became more aware and open to life. She changed her job and became happier and finally met a man that she could really connect with her. That was when I realized how powerful clearing a Heart-Wall is in changing a person's life.

Philip La Puma, CCHt, CECP

Hi my name is Suzanne Hickey. I am super excited to share the results of working with a Body Code practitioner Peg Sutherland. I've had three sessions over the past month and have had beautiful results.

I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher and have Reiki practitioner degree. I am familiar with energy healing and have been a long time meditator. I know first hand about the unified field of consciousness underlying everything. So this work is not too far from my understanding but...it is precise and immediate.

In my last session I cleared a Heart-Wall and healed a tear in my spirit heart. My life and who I am has shifted dramatically and I feel so much love flowing to and from me to myself and others. It's a beautful experience. I wasn't really prepared to write a testimonial, so it's a little general, but I just have a safety around love both being loved and sharing love. That is truly a blessing.

I will be learning and practicing with these systems and include The Body Code in my practice.

Thank you.

Suzanne, Falmouth, MA

Since beginning the 'heart' work earlier this year—I have been doing specific meditations and visualizations and this work fits right in with that. I am noticing clearer mind, easier meditations, more direct speech and much less hesitation (doubt) in both actions and speech.

After the first session, I slept through the night and enjoyed the longest meditation ever. I worked slowly this past week to release these Trapped Emotions so the outcome is ongoing. It is such a relief to find that these emotions are not just my own and that I have been able to help my children and my grandchildren. Thank you.

Norah, British Columbia, CA

Well, I have been struggling with emotions for a while and my friend suggested The Emotion Code. I got the book but I couldn't fully understand it. The other day, I got an invitation to watch a webinar presented by Dr. Bradley and something just clicked!

Monday came and I felt like rubbish, didn't feel right at all; Tuesday was the same. I came home determined to use The Emotion Code. I tried it and found that my body was more than ready to help ME! I managed to work on some issues that were making me feel like rubbish and getting rid of them was so amazingly easy! OMG! I was able to talk to my inner ME, which knew exactly what was bothering me, and we got rid of it with a magnet. How easy was that?! You have managed to explain and share it with so many of us that can't afford to go to therapist or seminars.

You have truly shared God's gift, thank you!

Patty Love

Understanding the processes that lead to Trapped Emotions and Heart-Walls in myself, within the context of my own personal history, has given me an insight into just how much "stuff" I am carrying around. I am releasing my own Heart-Wall material, at a pace which my subconscious allows me, and am doing the same for others - the difference it makes to people's lives around me is huge. For me releasing the Heart-Wall is a profound way of "lightening the load."

Thank you so much for The Emotion Code.


We all know how important asking the right question is to get answers from our subconscious so we can clear blockages with the Body Code. I like Natalie's analogy in the Establishing Boundaries webinar about how our subconscious mind is like Google, and depending on what words we use to "search" or ask questions will depend on what comes up. Just changing one word can reveal more or different blockages to clear. I'd like to share a neat experience I had by just asking questions in a different way and how a problem of 45 years was significantly reduced.

A friend of mine has had a tremor in her hands for years (she is 57 years now) and it was becoming more noticeable and she was getting more self-conscious about it. We had worked on it before a bit but it still was an issue. She had been in an abusive relationship years ago and thought maybe that was why. I told her we could ask her subconscious when this tremor started. We discovered it was from when she was 12 years old. She couldn't remember anything significant that happened. So I asked her subconscious if someone had done something to her or if it was something she had seen happen. It was the later. Still nothing came to her memory. So again, I asked if it was something real, on TV, or something she had read. The answer was something she'd seen on TV. She said she barely watched TV when she was little but suddenly she remembered how on some movies, "That lion would roar loudly at the beginning of movies," (MGM Studios) that terrified her!! (And still kind of did!) I asked her subconscious if that's what it was and sure enough, that was it!!! Of course there were Trapped Emotions and emotional resonances to clear around "That lion," (and a few other creepy, crawly critters while we were at it.) The tremor in her hands is remarkably reduced. Some days she doesn't notice that she even has it at all. We will continue to use The Body Code to clear it completely eventually.

So, sometimes we can get a different, "Google search," result if we ask specifically WHEN an issue started, was it real, imagined, a dream, something we read, heard or something we saw happen. All of these things can cause trauma and/or Trapped Emotions that can wreak havoc on us for years to come. It's so remarkable how all the answers are right there... if we just ask the right questions.

Corina, Alberta, CA

In the past I had many health issues; Lyme disease, Hashimoto's, hormonal imbalance and severe gluten intolerance. I was on bio-identical hormones (progesterone and estrogen) and medicine for the Hashimoto's. My doctor said I would be on those for all of my life. I was not happy to hear this. I was not happy with how badly I felt. I wanted to live life the best I could and enjoy every minute of it.

Several times when I was younger and not really knowing what I was doing, I had healed myself from abscesses in my teeth and from colds whenever I would get them. I continued to heal myself and family from colds and headaches when I got older but I didn't have any kind of a set method to it. I also didn’t realize how powerful energy healing could be.

Then, while searching for answers to improve my health, I “bumped” into Dr. Bradley Nelson and The Emotion Code. That is when my life changed tremendously for the better. I became certified in The Emotion Code and started working on myself and family. I then purchased The Body Code and also used that to help people heal.

Between myself and another practitioner (we like to swap sessions) doing several sessions on me, I have healed from all of my health problems. I am off all of my medications. I now take only a quality multi-vitamin. I was spending about $200 per month on just medicine and supplements before. I also feel 20 years younger.

I have also added to my practice, transforming the Trapped Emotions that are removed to prosperity and love or whatever the client desires. Below is an example:

I was working on some issues for my daughter, she was at work. While I was working on her and transforming the energy to prosperity, her boss walked up to her and handed her $500 (she is in sales management, so it isn't unheard of, but rare). Another employee walked up and handed her a milkshake (her favorite.) She immediately texted me and said, “Have you been working on me?" and then told me what had happened.

Lisa Glennie, Virginia, United States

A friend of mine came to see me for an Emotion Code session. Let's call her Stacey (not her real name.) She had, in the past, suffered from depression and low self-esteem, elements which still lingered. Stacey is a professional, well-educated, intelligent young woman (late 20's), working as a physical therapist.

Stacey felt her perfectionist approach was beginning to wear her down and she began feeling more and more overwhelmed with work and personal life. She longed to have a steady relationship with someone, trust, and feelings of self-worth.

Stacey disclosed how she was acutely aware of the negative body image she held of herself as a child, and had become bulimic as a young teenager and had also contemplated suicide.

The struggles in adult life were still there, she just managed to hide them better. Her family's love and support during this time and to this day, as well as her faith in god, are her rock.

A few tearful moments during and after the session, but she said she felt such a lightness and peace. We had two more sessions for her Heart-Wall to clear. Gently and nurturing, was the key here.

Positive outcomes are that since then, Stacey embraced life! She has since married (a year and a half later.) Stepped out of her profession for a brief while, but is back in the swing of things and once again enjoying her work.

How lovely to see the uplifting response, this work can make to a person's life.

Elizabeth & Russell, Queensland, Australia

Thank you for all the work you have done for B and I over the past week. It has been nothing short of miraculous. B's snoring has decreased by 90% and improved almost out of sight. The result is extraordinary. Last night I had one of the best night's sleep I have had since we have been together. I really couldn't believe it!

In addition to that, B is off the cigarettes and seems to be much clearer and calmer about it this time. He had a 3 week period off them in August and then slid back, but he is now back off them again and this time with a clearer, calmer focus. It is good stuff, Helga, and so much of this is thanks to the great work that you do. I am deeply thrilled as the snoring and the smoking have been challenges. Not impossible, but life-diminishing. So, heart-felt thanks. It is great for his confidence and myself!

The problem that you identified within my abdominal area also feels right. It has been tender, swollen and painful - and yet there has been some clearing and release since you worked on me. Things feel calmer, lighter, more positive. Curiously too, my appetite has become more under control. It is a lovely feeling. Like we are both released from some tense, tied up, hyper triggers that have been steering the boat off course unnecessarily from time to time. I feel deeply excited about it all. Lighter and more hopeful. Deep thanks.

Lots of peace, happiness and laughter to you!

Helga Campbell, Goolwa, Australia

I have been using The Emotion Code since the beginning of the year after being given information from a friend and have had great success in different areas of my life.

Throughout my life I have had a number of serious illnesses which have been very taxing on my body and energy levels. Since using The Emotion Code I have cleared a lot of Inherited Trapped Emotions going back over 10 generations. This has had a huge impact on my wellbeing.

After 24 years of being smoke free, I foolishly started up again about 12 months ago and was having some trouble with quitting again. I was advised to clear my Heart-Wall, Hidden Heart-Wall and Addictive Heart Energy. This worked to a certain degree but not completely. So I knew there was more to be done. I also tried releasing emotions around an idea I had about, "habit forming heart energies," which seemed to help me cut back to about 5 cigarettes or less per day.

There was an article I read on balancing hormones which includes releasing Trapped Emotions for organs and glands to function optimally. I worked on these balancing my liver and hormones associated with this organ and felt a huge release.

Yeah! Success finally!!! I have been smoke free now for around 3 weeks and am feeling healthier and fitter that I have felt for a very long time. I have more energy and feel a lot freer.

Thank you all so very much for your help and to all who are making a difference to our lives and this world.

My daughter has been having success with The Emotion Code and is a strong believer as well. We will continue to do what we can to help make this world a better place.

Bev, Australia

I have always disliked myself, put myself down, suffered from depression and anxiety and never felt good enough. I compared myself to everyone and was extremely judgmental, but most of the judgment was toward myself. Since doing this work all of that has disappeared and it is amazing how it has affected every area of my life. 
By releasing so many Trapped Emotions I have given my body room to open up to intuition and all kinds of gifts that were always there but they were buried under this negative energy of emotions. I am discovering gifts I didn't even know I had and things are becoming easier to do because I don't have the excess weight of emotions dragging me down.

From someone who has suffered with deep depression her whole life and never valued herself or thought she could even have a spiritual connection to source this work has changed it all around for me. I will never be able to thank you enough and I am so grateful that I get to help others who are struggling with similar issues find peace and serenity once again. 
Thank you to Dr. Brad for listening to your intuition and sharing this wonderful work with the world. We can change the world one person at a time.

Kim Dornbush, Hidden Valley Lake, CA