The Art of Healing 101 Trainings

Below is a list of the contents of this program. Below the list you will see a breakdown of each section.

  • The Art of Healing 101 Course Trainings with our Master Healers and Dr. Nelson
  • Homework assigned after most trainings to help you practice and develop your skills
  • Accountability Team Calls with 8 to 10 healers who can help support and encourage you
  • Live Open Question and Answer calls with our Master Healers and Trainers
The Art of Healing 101 Course Content

All courses are taught by either our Director of Healing Education, Natalie Nelson or Dr. Nelson or one of our other Master Healers. We will guide you step by step through each class and help you be the best and most effective healer you can possibly be. There will be 48 calls in all over a 12 month period which will walk you through various topics to help you elevate in your healing abilities and expand your knowledge. Below is a full list of topics:

01.    An Introduction to Healing
02.    Healing Throughout History
03.    Our Energetic Existence
04.    How Your Subconscious Mind Runs Your Life
05.    The Elegant Energy Body
06.    The Physical Body is a Self-Healing Organism
07.    Why Balance is So Important
08.    You Are Powerful!
09.    The Power of Intention
10.    How to Master Muscle Testing
11.    Recognizing Your Intuitive Gifts
12.    Connecting With Your Higher Power
13.    How to Think Like a Healer: Part 1
14.    How to Think Like a Healer: Part 2
15.    The Healing Process
16.    How the Body Communicates with Us
17.    How Imbalances Can be Inherited
18.    Doing Healing Work with a Surrogate
19.    How to Heal Others by Proxy
20.    Doing Healing Work for Children
21.    Doing Healing Work for Animals
22.    Talk to People About The Emotion and Body Code
23.    Creating a Safe Environment
24.    How to Effectively Work on Yourself and Others

25.    Setting Up Your Environment for Healing
26.    Abundance and the Energy of Money
27.    Heart-Based Healing
28.    Recognizing and Addressing Self-Sabotage
29.    The Domino Effect
30.    The Power of Proper Boundaries
31.    Staying Protected from Negativity
32.    Forgiving Yourself and Others
33.    Your Focus Determines Your Reality
34.    A Heart Centered Existence
35.    Living in the Present While Moving Forward
36.    Targeted Questions For Optimal Results
37.    How to Recognize Triggers and Reverse Them
38.    How to Address Diagnosed Illnesses
39.    How Imbalances Affect the Immune System
40.    How to Overcome Resistance to Healing
41.    How Imbalances Affect the Body, Mind and Spirit
42.    Choosing Your Emotions and Stress Management
43.    How to Remove Energetic Clutter to Create Balance
44.    Why Ethics Are Vital to Your Success
45.    Building Your Confidence as an Expert Healer
46.    Honoring Your Self-Worth
47.    Living in A State of Acceptance vs. Resistance
48.    Live as Your Higher Self


After most every Art of Healing 101 training, you will be assigned corresponding homework which will help you to fully understand and master the recent topic. Your homework will need to be completed prior to the Team Accountability Call with your peers, so you can troubleshoot and discuss your experiences with it.

Accountability Team Calls

These weekly calls are designed to help you interact with a group of 8-10 other healers who are going through the same growing experience that you are! You’ll be able to discuss and review your homework, mastermind to overcome challenges, reach out for help when you need it, and learn new skills and tips from each other in a dynamic group setting.

Live Open Question and Answer calls with our Master Healers and Trainers

These weekly, hourlong Q&A sessions are designed for you to come to us with challenges that you need help overcoming. Feel free to call in and just listen to your peers or participate and get one of your pressing questions answered. Either way you will have full access to the experts to clarify any fuzzy areas you might have.