Confidential Coaching Application

"I made a promise to myself and my family when I became successful. That promise was to reach others and bestow upon them the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. Once you fill out this 'Confidential Application' we will be one step closer to fulfilling that promise together!"

Critical Action Step: Please complete the Confidential Coaching Application below.

My team and I will personally connect with you if you are one of the first truly serious applicants to fill out the application(trust me, we can tell if you're serious or not - we've been doing this for years and you can't slide under the radar here).

After your call, you'll thank yourself, throw a party and drink champagne for doing this and wonder why you haven't done this sooner.

On behalf of me and my team, we look forward to speaking with you.

Rachel Skillen
That Flippin' Woman

A Little Bit About Me:

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. In early 2000, I achieved a professional degree in Mechanical Engineering. That career ended in 2003 when I suffered a debilitating injury that left me unable to continue in that profession.

That's when I discovered the awesome world of real estate investing!Leveraging the knowledge and resources of my mentor, I had a super smooth first flip and I never looked back. My continued success led to the adoption of my new name: "That Flippin' Woman!

Now that I've mastered the markets and have a very successful, multi facted business running virtually on auto pilot, I've decided that it's time to give back to the industry and mentor others as I once was. Because I am an avid and very active current investor, I only accept a few coaching applications from people who are highly motivated and ready to be serious about their business.


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